Welcome To My Blog!

Hello everyone!! I wanted to not only welcome you to my blog. If you have checked out the blog itself you will see some videos posted, links to pages, websites and twitter. What will you see on this blog? You will find travel pictures and stories, paranormal investigations and what happened, cookouts with friends and family, or any number of things that may take place in my life.

Currently I have learned many different things from working with tarot to setting up newsletters. My friend, Melanie and I have started a group on facebook for those who want to learn about developing their own abilities. We are still getting things posted on the site before we start adding people. I also have a like page for one of my own and hopefully will get that to where I want it and I can start using it as well. The page is called The Crystalline Classroom. My dear friend Fran come up with that name. I hope to do some videos and post on both the like page and the group.

Looking forward to getting to know all of you and hope you find something that will inspire you or just get a laugh for the day.


Many Blessings



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